how to lose body fat. Your Simple Guide on How to Lose Body Fat Safely

Despite the plethora of weight loss advice out there, knowing how to lose body fat is still one of your most asked questions as summer approaches. And since it’s not as easy as burning more calories than you’re consuming, let us chew the fat on weight loss.

Have you ever heard contradicting advice on how to safely lose body fat?

First, when you lose weight it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing fat– because shed pounds unguided and chances are you’ve dropped a mixture of water and muscle. And who wants to trim down, while losing functionality, strength and body tone in the process? Thought so.

But how to reduce body fat?

And how much should you be aiming to blast over a particular time frame? And, more importantly, as a woman, how much body fat do you need to stop your hormones from going haywire?

Don’t forget, there’s a lot of complex stuff going on inside that frame of yours – regardless of its size and shape.

What is a healthy body fat range for women?

‘Excess body fat can adversely affect health possibly leading to heart disease and diabetes,’ Addison says. While going too low comes with its own health warnings. ‘You could expect to feel lethargic and irritable, and your monthly cycle could stop,’ says Katie Morris of Matt Roberts Training (

As per our favourite wellness mantra – it’s a question of balance.

So, what golden figure should you be aiming for when planning how to lose body fat?

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How to lose body fat whit yoga burn

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