5 Foods That Help Eliminate Belly Fat.

Lose weght Whit yoga

According to the website losefatwithyoga.com these are the foods that help you to eliminate body fat.

1. Avocado

If you are a fan of fruit, here’s some good news: a source of monounsaturated fat, avocado helps to decrease the buildup of fatty cells in the abdomen. It is worth eating mince, make a beautiful vitamin with milk of almonds or even a salty version to give you energy.

2. Chia

Rich in fiber and protein, Mexican seed is a great source of omega 3. It has anti-inflammatory action, helps speed metabolism and facilitates fat burning, especially in the belly region. How to consume? Leave the seed in the water for at least 40 minutes. When the mixture turns into a gel, add sugarless grape juice to get a kind of sago. Take it for breakfast or late afternoon snack.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar has acetic acid, which reduces hunger and prevents insulin spikes, reducing the risk of the body accumulating fat. Consume 2 teaspoons per day diluted in 1 glass of water before lunch and dinner.
4. Red pepper

With thermogenic action, the spice helps to accelerate the metabolism thanks to capsaicin, substance responsible for the spicy taste. It is recommended to consume up to 3 grams per day.

5. Red fruits

Strawberry, jabuticaba, grape, cherry, mulberry and açaí are fruits rich in anthocyanin – pigment responsible for the color red-purplish, which has an antioxidant function, helps in burning fat. Consume 2 tablespoons per day, preferably fresh.

Credits: http://www.losefatwithyoga.com

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