Body Fat Reduction: 6 Tips For You To Build A Body Without Body Fat.

Burning body fat is a common goal among those who train, at least at some stage of training. Here’s how to do it in the best way!
Here, we will show you all the information and tips you need to understand exactly how this process works and what you must do to reach your goal in relation to your body.

Want to know everything about reducing body fat?

The first concept you need to keep in mind is that losing body weight is different from losing body fat.
When you lose weight, it does not necessarily mean that you lost fat. That weight loss may have been mostly from liquids and even lean mass (muscles) and not from fat (fat) tissue.
Basically, to lose body fat, you need a negative energy balance, a condition where the caloric expenditure is greater than the caloric intake.
Mathematics does not deceive: if you consume more calories than you spend, the excess will be stored as fat.

1 – Adjust your consumption and energy expenditure

pre-workout post-workout the reduction of body fat only happens when you spend more energy than you consume. That is, in order to lose weight it is imperative that your calorie balance is negative. At the same time, a very negative calorie balance is also nothing good. Consuming a lot less calories in relation to your need will make you lose muscle mass, and definitely not what you want, right?! Ideally, perform an energy reduction of up to 500 kcal, at most 750 kcal.Thus you reduce the body fat around 800g to 1.2kg per week, avoiding the reduction of muscle mass.

2 – Attention to the amount of macronutrients consumed

The distribution of the macronutrients of our diet in relation to the total caloric intake is very important. Not only because of the amount of calories that each one has, but also because of its actions in our organism. A good caloric distribution is as follows:
30% of calories from protein
20% from lipids
50% from carbohydrates
It is clear that these values ​​should change according to metabolism, physical activity level, somato type (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph) and other individuals.
Complex carbohydrate and low glycemic index are the most recommended for anyone who wants to reduce body fat.

3 – Thermogenic foods

thermogenic foods – pepper
As we speak up there, the thermogenesis of food is one of the three main factors of the energy expenditure so the consumption of these foods is a good strategy for those who want to lose fat.
The foods and ingredients most known for their thermogenic action are green tea, red pepper, citrus aurantium, cinnamon and many others.

4 – Control your appetite
Sometimes we exaggerate in our meals, because we stay a long time without eating and therefore we feel very hungry.
If you are very hungry before the meal, a good tip is to drink a large glass of water or eat an apple. This will help you decrease appetite and food cravings.
Another very important tip is to eat slowly and chew well. It may sound like bullshit, but it decreases hunger and improves digestion. It’s a fact!

5 – Vitamins and minerals
Our biggest concern is always to consume the right amount of macronutrients, but the vitamins and minerals are just as important.
The deficiency of these micronutrients, besides damaging our health in general, can disrupt the process of reducing body fat, as it reduces the metabolic efficiency of the use of body fat as energy.
Calcium and some B-complex vitamins, for example, are involved in the process of lipolysis (breakdown of body fat).
The foods most rich in vitamins and minerals are vegetables and fruits, so it is crucial that they are part of your routine.

6 – Post-Training Feeding
Some people believe that fasting after workout helps burn more fat because the body will continue to burn calories. But beware, because things are not quite like that. The meal after the workout is important and should be done yes! This meal will prevent loss of muscle mass as well as help in recovery.

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