Yoga to lose weight, does it work for me?

Yes, is Yoga Burn Program really right for you?
  That’s right, yoga is not just some types of stretching – it can burn a lot of calories !. The practice of Yoga involves different variations of posture and physical exercises. These poses are great for toning the upper and lower abdomen and accumulating more heat before resting. Yoga programs like Yoga Burn have a time of stretching, a time of challenging poses that focus and control breathing (firming the abdomen), and even a possible portion focused on the cardiovascular system, incorporating Yoga poses. Scientifically, you burn more calories when you contract the larger muscles of your body. This means that if you use more of your thighs and buttocks (the largest muscle groups in the body), your calorie burn will be greater.

Fat Burning Yoga Weght loss

“Proper education and explanation of the fundamentals of Yoga, such as poses, alignment, and breathing, are essential to avoid unwanted injuries.” (So ​​beginners need some follow-up (Watch our DVD lessons)

Did Yoga Burn work for me?
See some testimonials.

Mayla Becker, CA
I’ve been doing yoga through traditional classes for years, and although I did like it, I stopped to notice the I am so excited to continue to adapt the poses and sequences to my body.I never go back to regular Yoga classes. “
Rachel Presland Zoe, AK
“I have been practicing Yoga Burn with you at least 3 mornings a week for over 6 months. I never thought I would get in shape for such a short time and I feel so amazing!” My flexibility in 46 years is better now than in my 30s and I love how my body is toning.Thank you for your inspiration. “
Christine Lorensse, NC
I arrived in Hot Yoga with low self-esteem, deflated over my body image and desperate to have an exercise regimen that gave me results while also crucially working within my lifestyle. Yoga Burn Program is Easy to Follow It’s not just a Yoga DVD, it’s definitely the best out there when it comes to following. Each video is so well organized, sequenced that it becomes easy to follow. Even the Yoga videos are not too long so you do not get bored.

These are real testimonials of real women who are changing their lives with Yoga.
“The Yoga Burn Program and number 1 program to help women struggling to lose weight to achieve this goal, this wonderful and revolutionary yoga program can be done in the comfort of your home in a routine of only 15 minutes per day.
If you are interested in knowing the Yoga Burn Program click the button below and come to be happy with Yoga.

Yoga Weight loss

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