Fat burning yoga:3 facts that prove that Yoga does lose weight.

The Powerful Benefits of Yoga

Yoga slims: in the last few years, what was doubt has become certain: Yoga has powerful benefits for body and mind and now we know it helps to lose weight!

Throughout the text we will explain why Yoga is the answer to your problems with the scale, what’s up?

Before, let’s try to clarify what weight loss is and how new scientific research is opening space for modalities like Yoga to be an option for those who want to lose weight.

fat burning yoga

  1. Depending on the intensity of the lesson you can lose up to 300 calories in just one session.
    In addition, the more isometric poses, those that require a little more force, help you increase flexibility and muscle tone without forcing your joints!
  2. Meditation and breathing exercises help you become more aware of what you ingest, as you can see the effects that each meal has on your body.
    You will understand that less is more and that the right foods are better than certain foods.
  3. Yoga is a moderate stimulus, it does not overload the nervous system and the heart, on the contrary.
    The relaxation promoted by it relieves stress and improves control of the mind, essential so that we can disconnect from any problem at bedtime.
    The better the sleep, the less the urge to eat out of time and the greater the satiety, and Yoga helps to burn fat which closes that cycle.

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