Studies on Yoga confirm the benefits of Yoga to your mind and body.

The results of this study suggest that yoga can offer various psychological, physical and social effects that can make it a useful tool for healthy and sustained weight loss. Yoga practitioners reported less stress, reduced appetite, fewer desires and a shift to healthier, more conscious eating. Yoga provided them with social support and healthy models….

Fat Burning Yoga: Lose weight by using Yoga to your advantage.

Yoga is a beautiful practice with many benefits. Exercises include weight lifting. The amount of weight you lift can be tailored to your preferences.Yoga Burn is designed for anyone who wants to lose weight. Yoga postures begin at the beginning and gradually become more intense by burning more calories as you progress through the phases….

Tips For Healthy Weight Loss, Using Yoga to Your Advantage.

If you are doing the right diet you will feel hungry from time to time. Otherwise, you did some wrong calculation on calorie consumption. If you are severely restricting your calories and suddenly do not feel any more hunger, your metabolism has dropped. This is bad, since to lose fat you need a fast and…

Yoga to lose weight, does it work for me?

Yes, is Yoga Burn Program really right for you?  That’s right, yoga is not just some types of stretching – it can burn a lot of calories !. The practice of Yoga involves different variations of posture and physical exercises. These poses are great for toning the upper and lower abdomen and accumulating more heat…

3 Yoga postures to lose weight: burn fat from the abdomen and legs.

Thanks to the relaxation it produces, Yoga helps reduce the level of cortisol. High levels of cortisol favor the accumulation of fat in the body, in addition to producing other negative effects for our body. E Each day we discover new benefits of Yoga: it reduces stress, improves nighttime sleep, potentiates concentration. But in addition,…