3 Yoga postures to lose weight: burn fat from the abdomen and legs.

Thanks to the relaxation it produces, Yoga helps reduce the level of cortisol. High levels of cortisol favor the accumulation of fat in the body, in addition to producing other negative effects for our body. E

Each day we discover new benefits of Yoga: it reduces stress, improves nighttime sleep, potentiates concentration. But in addition, we can do Yoga to lose weight since some postures help to lower the abdomen and legs, align the posture and eliminate muscle pain.

See 3 Yoga poses to help you burn body fat.

1 – Heating: “Tadasana”

When starting any movement training, you need to take some time to warm up. Yoga is no exception.
This posture should be performed standing up. The back should be straight and shoulders relaxed, back and down; the feet should be kept apart.
Once you are in this posture, you must inhale slowly, at the same time you raise your arms in the form of a cross.
The hands unite above the head. Hold for twenty seconds and exhale.

Yoga Burn

2 – Flexion: “Padahastasana”

From the previous posture, the body is flexed, bringing the hands to the feet. It’s not an easy position for beginners, but repetition and consistency will help you do it and take advantage of this Yoga posture to lose weight.

You should hold the position for sixty seconds and repeat the exercise ten times; the abdomen and legs concentrate all the effort, which helps to tone and eliminate fat.

Fat burning Yoga

3 – Posture of the warrior: “Virabhadrasana”
  The starting point is to put the body upright and separate the feet about six inches. Raise your arms and stretch them; the palms of the hands are gathered over the head.
  From this posture, take a large step with the right leg, which will form a ninety degree angle between the femur and the tibia. The left remains stationary and tensed.
The head leans back and the back straight.
This posture should be maintained for ten seconds and then return to the original position.

Fat burning yoga weight loss

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